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Tabla Seminar with Sankar Chowdhury – Spring, 2019

The annual spring Tabla Seminar with Sankar P. Chowdhury will take place again in 2019 from April 21 to July 14. Sankar has been a visiting teacher at the College for over 15 years and is greatly valued for his skilled and patient teaching.

Please contact the College for more information about Sankar’s schedule for the Spring of 2019.

Student Recital 2016, kid

Vom 21. April bis 14. Juli 2019 wird unser Frühlings-Tabla-Seminar mit Sankar P. Chowdhury stattfinden. Sankar ist seit mehr als 15 Jahren Gastlehrer am College und ist höchst bewertet für seine grossartige und geduldige Art zu unterrichten.

Für weitere Informationen über die Frühlingskurse 2019 kontaktieren Sie bitte das Ali Akbar College.

Sankar & Sean

The 34th Annual Seminar will take place from Nov. 14 to 21, 2019

The 34th Annual Seminar of the Ali Akbar College of Music – Switzerland, will take place from November 14 to 21, 2019. The detailed daily plan of activities will appear here in September 2019. Please contact the College for more information.

Video – Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Ali Akbar College

The Ali Akbar College of Music – Switzerland recently celebrated 30 years of activities in Basel: 1985 – 2015. This video / photo / music documentary gives of glimpse of the activities of the College during the past three decades!

The words of Maestro Khan

In the following video clips, Maestro Ali Akbar Khan talks about music and his life. They are wonderful moments – enjoy!

“My father didn’t sleep for 40 years….”

What is music, real music?

“In music, every second is so important….”

“My father used to love me like anything…”

“These songs are not for entertainment…”

In the following clip, Ken Zuckerman performs with Maestro Khan and speaks about the meaning of becoming a disciple.

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